When to Hire a Moving Service

While it’s true that hiring professional moving services tends to cost more than taking a more do-it-yourself approach, there are some circumstances in which it’s really an unavoidable, and completely worthwhile, expense. Read on to find out about a few things to consider before looking into moving services below for help deciding whether or not it’s worth the money.

Amount of Stuff Being Moved

Those who are moving from small apartments or are moving out on their own for the first time may not need a professional mover, provided they haven’t packed their rooms or apartments floor to ceiling with stuff. However, those who have an entire household or large apartment’s worth of stuff to transport will likely find that choosing to work with professionals is the best way to go. Keep in mind that it’s not just a matter of whether or not the person moving wants to drive his or her own rental truck; professional movers offer everything from packing help to assistance moving large furniture as well.

Difference in Price

Finding out how much it will cost to hire professionals to assist with a move is a simple matter of asking for quotes from a few different companies. It can be more difficult to determine how much it would cost to move everything solo, though, as there are often many hidden costs that don’t appear until the last minute such as insurance and fuel for the rental truck, packing supplies, and lost wages due to the time spent packing and unpacking. Most of those who are responsible for planning upcoming moves find that the difference in cost between hiring a household mover and doing everything themselves is actually fairly small.

The Difficulty of the Move

Those who have many large, valuable antiques, tons of home appliances, or collections of breakable items tend to find that hiring a professional moving company is well worth the expense, as it saves them the hassle of moving all of these difficult to transport items themselves. Similarly, they’ll also find that working with professionals offers them some extra peace of mind regarding the safety of their belongings while they are in transit. After all, moving companies have plenty of experience moving large, fragile, and valuable items, so their employees are trained to do it safely; plus, they carry insurance that will cover their clients’ belongings in the unlikely event that something does go wrong.

Available Help

Large families and those who have plenty of friends, neighbors, and family members who are willing to help will find that they can spread the burden of moving out among many instead of worrying about it alone. However, those who don’t want to hassle their loved ones for help or who simply don’t know who to call are better off hiring a moving company.


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